Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Masterclass With Surprises

Workshop Overview

A portfolio is a collection of programs, projects and/or operations managed as a group. The components of a portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or even related—but they are managed together as a group to achieve strategic objectives. Portfolio Management plays an important role because it supports the organization’s strategic goals and, ultimately, its bottom line. Portfolio management is critical to organizing and prioritizing projects and programs and ensuring that the appropriate financial support is being allocated in support of those goals.

This workshop will be broken down into two days. During the first day, it will be first introducing the portfolio/program and project management, the overview and organization of portfolio management and its process groups. Followed by how to develop and manage diverse types of portfolio management.

It is intended for self-taught portfolio/ program/ project managers who seeking formal training and new skills, portfolio/program/project teams who having trouble juggling their tasks and responsibilities as well as people with limited experience in spearheading a portfolio, program and project. This 2-day advanced workshop includes a series of case studies and discussions to define the portfolio management methods, practices and process that can be used within the organization.

Major Benefits Of Attending – You Will Be Able To:

By end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND how project portfolio management plays a significant role to your business success
  • LEARN about art and science of project estimation
  • DISCOVER how to select and start of a project wisely
  • FIND OUT about effective negotiation techniques with customers and management
  • KNOW how to maximize your project portfolio’s value
  • ABLE to link your project portfolio to meet the business objectives and goals
  • IMPLEMENT an effective project portfolio management to your organization

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents
  • Directors of Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Directors of Project Management
  • Project, Program and Portfolio Managers
  • Functional Department Directors and Managers

Why You Should Attend?

This 2-day workshop is the most practical and extensive to the many facets of project management you’ll find anywhere for certifying PfMP in the First Try.

As a participant, you will get a thorough briefing in the nuts and bolts of planning, scheduling, and budgeting. You’ll discover the communication skills it takes to get ideas, instructions, and requests across quickly and accurately. You will learn how to stay on top of deadlines and expenses, ways to rebound quickly from surprises and setbacks, and how to get the best from people who don’t normally report to you.

Everyone who attends this workshop will come away in a strong position to lead any project with confidence and discipline — from drawing board to finished product and certified PfMP.