Operation And Maintenance Of Pumps Masterclass

Workshop Overview

In process operations, liquids and their movement and transfer from place to place, plays a large part in the process. Liquid can only flow under its own power from one elevation to a lower elevation or, from a high pressure system to a lower pressure system.

The flow of liquid is also affected by friction, pipe size, liquid viscosity and the bends and fittings in the piping.

To overcome flow problems, and to move liquids from place to place, against a higher pressure or to a higher elevation, energy must be added to the liquid. To add the required energy to liquids, we use ‘Pumps ‘. A pump therefore is defined as ‘ A machine used to add energy to a liquid ‘.

Pumps come in many types and sizes. The type depends on the function the pump is to perform and the size (and speed) depends on the amount (volume) of liquid to be moved in a given time.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • ENHANCE the knowledge and skills of participating in different Types of Pumps
  • UNDERSTAND Pumps Technology and Performance
  • INTERPRET the Function of each Machine Component
  • INTRODUCE Startup and Shut Down Procedures of each machine
  • DEVELOP attendees Skills and Capabilities in maintaining Different types of Pumps
  • FAMILIARIZE the participants with Problem definition, Generating solutions, Enforce solution implementation, and evaluate situations
  • IMPROVE the ability of the participants to maintenance and troubleshoot via industrial case studies mainly in pumping system
  • DESIGN a Maintenance program (PM, PdM, RCM) for pumping system
  • PRACTICE Pumps Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

Who Should Attend?

The seminar is specifically designed for:

  • Process Engineers
  • Plant & Facilities Engineers
  • Managers in Maintenance & Operations personnel
  • Mechanical Engineer-In-Training
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Pump Operators
  • Project Engineers Technicians
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technicians
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Technicians

Why you Should Attend?

The ease of operation and maintenance of a facility is central to its sustainability and must be given careful consideration in design. Some operation and maintenance issues are location-specific, but urban and rural projects differ fundamentally in the complexity of the technologies involved. In order to maximize the life of your pump, it is crucial to perform the proper periodic maintenance at designated intervals.

This course is designed for engineers and supervisors involved in pumps operation and maintenance. Participants will understand pump technology and performance. This is an intensive course provides understanding of pumps operation, maintenance and overhauling procedures. Through this course, participants will have the opportunity to understand inspection and measurements of pump parts.