Next Generation Excel: Advanced Business and Financial Reporting

Workshop Overview

The course provides a user perspective on the role of accounting and financial reporting in capturing and conveying economic information about an organisation. You will acquire confidence in using the concepts and vocabulary of accounting to analyse and communicate about business performance and resource allocation. You will become familiar with the format and use of financial statements and the role of accounting in making business decisions.

Major Benefits Of Attending

  • APPLY a good working knowledge on business and financial reporting
  • IMPROVE Excel reporting expertise in business, finance and accounting
  • PERFORM automated reconciliation for speedy weekly and monthly reporting
  • LEARN how to link their Excel with PowerPoint for dynamic data update
  • DEVELOP dynamic business dashboards to assist professionals in measuring performance and enhancing decision making
  • PRACTICE advanced report development techniques by linking-up Excel with other databases
  • LEARN to record, run and edit Macro to perform repetitive tasks and generate reports
  • DEVELOP, prepare and distribute business and accounting reports in minutes

Who Should Attend?

This training is highly recommended for middle and senior business and finance professionals and general managers who need to use Excel reporting, such as:

  • Head of Business units and Business planners
  • Finance Manager and Controller
  • Strategy Director and Manager
  • Budget, Corporate, Business and Financial Analysis
  • Project Manager
  • Investment and Management Accountants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Corporate Analyst & Treasury Analysts
  • Research professionals
  • Marketing and sales Managers
  • General business professionals

Why you Should Attend?

This training seminar provides a thorough training in Excel reporting in a very hands-on way to suit individuals with varying levels to support their business needs. The training seminar will be conducted along workshop principles with numerous examples, and real-world experiences and scenarios. Group discussion will promote the exchange of experiences and ideas.

Interactive case studies and exercises reinforce the application of each of the learning points and topics covered. These are supported with the help and advice of your Instructor and his extensive practical experience and knowledge of Excel reporting.