Shared Services Centre (SSC) Masterclass

Workshop Overview

Shared Services require the availability of a given service by on department of an organization wherein the same service was being done by different entities of the organization. It’s an efficient management approach that has enabled many businesses to offer internal support services in a professional manner while at the same time lowering the expense of operations. Shared services are supplied by developed companies which are characterized by measureable outputs with costs of each unit of service offered.

Shared Services Centres (SSC) in an organization is the entity responsible for the execution and the handling of specific operational tasks, such as accounting, HR, payroll, IT, legal, compliance, purchasing, security, and more. The SSC is often a spin-off of the corporate services to separate all operational types of tasks from the corporate headquarters, which has to focus on a leadership and corporate governance type of role. As SSCs are often cost centres, they are quite cost-sensitive also in terms of their headcount, labour costs and location criteria.

This course will cover from the development to delivery of service delivery models including shared services, outsourcing and off shoring.

Major Benefits Of Attending – You Will Be Able To:

By end of this course, delegates will able to:

  • LAUNCH shared services for your organisation
  • KNOW how you setting up an SSC can STREAMLINE processes, REDUCE costs, IMPROVE services levels,
  • INCREASE stakeholder value, ENHANCE employee and customer loyalty
  • KNOW different ways to BUILD an infrastructure that enables GREATER access to Shared Services and IMPROVE employee satisfaction to focus on customer needs
  • KNOW ways to OVERCOME people-related and change management related challenges when transitioning to Offshore based Shared Services Centres
  • KNOW current globalisation and SSC generational shifts –
  • FIND OUT how you can SUCCESSFULLY undertake global standardisation efforts while meeting local demands and responsibilities
  • AUTOMATION WHETHER to automate, WHEN to automate,
  • WHAT to automate and HOW to automate

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is specifically designed for:

  • CIOs
  • IT Managers
  • Service Delivery, Shared Service, Common Service, Customer Service Managers
  • Service Purchasing / Procurement Managers
  • Managers in Finance, Procurement, Facilities & Premises, Legal Services, Human Resources, Logistics and other Support Services
  • Vendor / Project Managers
  • Technical Support / Customer Support Managers
  • BPO Managers
  • Bank Managers
  • Outsourcing Managers
  • Business Development Managers

Why you Should Attend?

This programme will cover the development and delivery of service delivery models including shared services, outsourcing and off shoring and will allow you to develop your own thinking in order to choose the right blend of these ingredients for you. It will lead you through the shared service / outsourcing maze and help you decide:

  • Where are we in our SSC journey today?
  • What is our desired ‘model’ for our SSCs in the future?
  • What do we need to do to deliver this successfully?
  • What are the key milestones in the journey?
  • How will this affect the people in the finance and HR functions function?