Combating Risk and Fraud in Procurement

Workshop Overview

Procurement fraud is the second most frequently reported form of economic crime behind asset misappropriation, according to a study. Globally it amounts to about $2 trillion a year. Procurement fraud is one of the most complex frauds to investigate as there are numerous ways it can be committed. What’s worrying is procurement fraud is on the rise. Organizations do not just face risks from internal fraud but also from external criminals who are technologically savvy. It is crucial for you to understand how you can effectively manage procurement fraud to safeguard your organization’s interests.

Led by a well experienced procurement fraud expert, this 3 days intensive and interactive workshop will include real life examples of procurement fraud incidents and will take a holistic approach on preventing, detecting and investigating procurement fraud in organizations.

Major Benefits Of Attending – You Will Be Able To:

  • Be a winner, not a loser! Tackling and preventing procurement fraud can make the difference between a business being a winner – and growing – or being a loser and ultimately failing
  • Save money through better procurement and combating fraud
  • Save money through better supplier and contractor performance.
  • Deliver better services and projects to customers through better supplier and contractor service
  • Reduce risk through reducing fraud and improving supplier and contractor performance
  • Reduce health and safety risks and benefit staff, contractors and the bottom line
  • Boost reputation through tackling fraud and its causes.
  • Be the organisation suppliers and contractors wish to sell to – thus improving contract terms and reducing costs and prices
  • Improve output through increased morale
  • Create ‘Alpha Procurement*’ to underpin long term business and organizational success

Who Should Attend?

Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Directors, Senior Executives, Operational Directors and Managers, General Managers, Senior Managers, and all middle ranking Managers and Executives in

  • Procurement/ Purchasing
  • Finance
  • Internal Audit
  • Operations
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Fraud Investigation & Management
  • Risk Management
  • Legal/ Compliance
  • Commercial

From all industries and retail operations such as:

Energy & Utilities, Oil and Gas, Mining, Engineering & Construction, Transport & Logistics, Banking and Finance, Government, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Food Manufacturing, Retail and many others.

Why you Should Attend?

  • Delegates will return to their organisations and be able to work with their management and colleagues to create a first class anti-fraud plan tailored to their own organisation and enable it to secure the benefits listed above
  • Delegates will be exposed to real life examples of some of the largest procurement fraud cases
  • Delegates will have the opportunity of having one to one Q&A sessions with the trainer after the training course ends on each day