Write Yourself A Referral Marketing Plan

Workshop Overview

Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies. This can happen through a variety of channels such as email, mobile, and social media.

There are several types of referral marketing strategy, for example, trust factor and reach and acceleration. Trust goes a long way when it comes to convincing someone to buy something. If we don’t trust someone, we aren’t going to listen to them. With referral marketing though, the sales pitch is usually coming from someone that you either know well, like friends and family, or it’s coming from someone you have trust in, like a favorite blogger. The major types of referral channels including friends or family, new publications, customer reviews and opinions posted online, influencer opinions and testimonials.

Besides, in terms of reach and acceleration, not long ago, reach of the average reach of a typical consumer was limited. For the most part it was contained to the number of people they saw in person each day or talked to on the phone. In this day and age though, the average consumers’ reach is much larger and for many people with strong social followings, it can be enormous. Some consumers now have the power to make or break a business by what they say about it online. With a simple Facebook post, Twitter tweet or Instagram selfie, the average consumer can now reach hundreds, if not thousands or friends (who again trust their opinions) in a matter of seconds. That kind of social reach is a critical reason to why referral marketing has only gotten bigger over the last ten years.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

  • IDENTIFY significant components of a referral-based marketing plan
  • LEARNT and PRACTICE interpersonal business and marketing communication skills
  • RECOGNIZE the blockades to successful marketing
  • KNOW what are the most valuable sharing channels
  • CREATE an effective personalized referral marketing plan
  • IMPLEMENT the referral marketing plan in your work place

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Advertising Manager
  • Sales person
  • Marketers, principals and business developers at professional services firms of all sizes
  • For those who have a business which could benefit from referral marketing

Why You Should Attend?

If you are working in the marketing field, then you should not miss out this opportunity to attend this workshop! Know why? First of all, this course will provide you a big picture of your referral marketing plan. You will able to identify your referral team and be given the tools to measure your referral marketing activities. Then, your focus will be continuing on who your target market is. During the second day, you will get to know what are the right things that you should do and with the right team for better outcome. Moreover, you will be able to what kind of platforms you can use to support your referral marketing. In addition, this course provides you with the flip chart exercise and discussion, workbook exercise and discussion as well as questionnaire session.

After the course, you will able to write yourself a referral marketing plan and implement it in your workplace. You also get the chance to send your referral marketing plan for the trainer’s review and comments! How great! So register yourself for this course now.