Advanced Flow Assurance 2-Day Training

Workshop Overview

In todays uncertain and unpredictable economic times oil and gas exploration and production companies come under extreme pressure to reduce costs and meet production targets. Flow assurance plays a very important role to assist companies produce oil and gas efficiently and without interruption. This seminar will provide participants, who should be flow assurance engineers with at least 3 years full-time experience, with a clear insight of important elements of flow assurance in major projects and operations beyond the basics of flow and fluid challenges and flow modelling.

Flow assurance has to work efficiently and effectively with all other disciplines in projects, and this workshop will provide insights and techniques for the development of flow assurance engineers beyond the basics. Participants will also be able to comprehend ways of preparing for and assisting operations.

This NEW and DYNAMIC course is a combination of instructional techniques including presentations by an experienced practitioner, activities, and group discussions covering current mpractices and recent field experiences.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • DEVELOP comprehensive flow assurance strategies
  • COMPARE latest options for solving flow assurance challenges
  • UNDERSTAND benefits and limitations of flow modelling software
  • ASSESS effect of uncertainties in input data and of conservatism in assumptions
  • SEE flow assurance from the point of view of other disciplines in projects
  • MANAGE flow assurance work in the context of major project decisions
  • GET flow assurance modelling work done efficiently
  • USE best practices for flow assurance in operations

Who Should Attend?

Minimum of 3 years full-time flow assurance experience (that will include running steady-state and transient software), through to experienced flow assurance engineers who wish to develop their ability to provide solutions to issues arising in difficult projects and operations.

Why you Should Attend?

Flow assurance is the key to the majority of oil and gas field developments. Offshore fields, particularly in deep water, and large onshore fields, rely on flow assurance practitioners to design production systems that will reliably deliver flow from reservoirs to processing facilities. But in the current challenging economic and lower oil price environment it is vital that flow assurance solutions are delivered cost effectively in projects and that they work efficiently in operations.

You should attend if you are currently working in a flow assurance role in an operator, consultant, contractor or supplier, and have aspiration, or an imminent need, to be a leading contributor to flow assurance work in a challenging project or operation.