Sales Leadership Excellence

Workshop Overview

Leading a sales team to success is no longer a hands-off, corner-office job. The new era of sales leadership is a high-touch, high-contact sport. In the new economy, an organization’s ability to grow, pivot and win is directly tied to the execution and impact of the sales leader. In an increasing impersonal business environment, Mentoring Sales Leadership gives the energy and emotional nourishment which is needed to transform your team to carry forward the best traditions of your company. The entire value system is communicated throughout the company by those who mentor others. This is the same way ethics and values are shared in a family with the help of work and deed. Mentoring is an effective vehicle to drive your strategies and gaining a competitive edge. The dynamic 2 day workshop includes group discussions, case studies and team exercises. Each program is customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of your company.

Major Benefits of Attending:

  • IDENTIFY the key challenges faced by Sales Leaders
  • DETERMINE the difference between Sales Management & Sales Leadership
  • EXPLORE the top traits of successful Sales Leaders and identified personal areas for development
  • REVIEW a 3 step process for effective Sales Management
  • APPLY the VMOST model for ensure Organisational, Functional and Personal objectives are aligned
  • ANALYSE their own Sales Objectives and determined to what degree they are SMART
  • TEST their own planning and organizational skills and developed new techniques for effective and effective Sales planning
  • UNDERSTAND what makes a good Sales Leader and identified what can be done to further improve their Sales Leadership skills
  • DISCUSS and decide how best to develop their Sales Teams
  • MASTER their Coaching and Mentoring skill to develop more productive relationships with team members

Who Should Attend?

This training is highly recommended for any person that is associated with Sales Management, such as:

  • Sales Director
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Operation
  • Sales Support Managers
  • Human Resource Directors

The course is relevant to the following departments:

  • Human Resources
  • Sales Department
  • Finance Department
  • Business Department
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Account Management

Why you Should Attend?

Multiple studies have shown that effective Sales Leadership has a significant impact on positive sales results. If an organisation only focuses on the skills of their salespeople, to the exclusion of sales Leadership, they miss an important opportunity to increase performance.

This practical, interactive and, engaging 2-day workshop provides the ideas, tools and techniques to Sales Leaders looking to further develop their confidence and competence in this critical role.