Product-Service and Process Innovation Masterclass

Workshop Overview

Production and process innovation can generate value to employees, customers, business partners, or/and the organization itself.  An organization needs to see a significant increase in some of its key performance indicators (KPIs) to be a true process innovation.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to: -

  • DEVELOP KPI’s for innovation
  • REDUCE all new product risk
  • UNDERSTAND the definition of innovation and why it is so defined
  • BE ABLE to assess the risk profile of new products and opportunities
  • SCORE your company’s innovation and opportunity search capability
  • BECOME proficient in the use of this stunningly simple innovation methodology
  • LEARN how to understand where you market is located, your “tribe” as we call it
  • HAVE a systematic approach to innovation that we guarantee will lead to new ideas
  • HAVE a mechanism for the quantitative scoring of the likely success of a new product
  • UNDERSTAND marketing and define this very difficult word, before we explore market tactics
  • HAVE a simple means for process improvement, the easiest risk free means to improve profits
  • LEARN how  use the “Opportunity Matrix” that is a systematic way of searching for new business
  • HAVE a process that is both systematic and easy to use for innovation and “Opportunity Capture”
  • LEARN how to embed innovation into your business as part of its culture and business DNA

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Professionals such as CEO, Directors, Managers, Team leaders and Supervisors who are looking to bring in change, including but not limited to the reasons below: -

  • Having challenges in bringing improvements or major changes to current processes
  • Looking to innovate or revise current processes
  • Looking to bring in new technologies to make work more efficient or effective
  • Looking to bring in new technologies or process changes
  • Companies or department that wishes to use innovation as a tool for growth

Why you should Attend?

In these fast moving times of rapid prototyping and short time to market no business can survive without innovation and the new emerging paradigm of “opportunity capture” as a major pillar of its growth strategy. The key to innovation is to understand the fundamentals of new products and the search for new opportunities and most of all, the risks associated with new product strategy.