2018 & Beyond Budgeting – A New Approach To Implement Budgeting Essentials And Improve Profitability

Workshop Overview

Most finance directors in large companies are dissatisfied with budgets; they often believe too much time and resources are spent on this activity. Some even believe budgets may even be harmful to the organisation, as managers engage more in game playing rather than maximising shareholder returns. Many believe budgets don't deliver all that they should, and suspect there must be a better way. These thoughts and ideas have led to the development of new tools and techniques, some quite radical, even proposing the complete abandonment conventional budgets.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to: -

  • BRING wider improvements in your organization.
  • RADICALLY improve your organization’s performance.
  • GO beyond budgeting with new innovate techniques and ideas.
  • PRODUCE and MANAGE costs and resources more efficiently and effectively.
  • USE LESS TIME and RESOURCES on this vital activity and deliver better results.
  • TRANSFER tools and techniques, which can be applied in your current and future roles.
  • TAKE-AWAY tools, models, ideas, and analysis methods, which you can easily pass on to your colleagues.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for: -
• CEOs, owners, senior management and line management in both finance/planning and business roles.

  • Management and supervisors at all organizational levels, who are looking for a better model of budgeting and planning.
  • All managers responsible for developing framework for improving public or private sector performance. 

Why you should Attend?

Beyond Budgeting is about changing the way budgeting, planning and forecasting is used in modern organisations. It is also about releasing people from the burdens of bureaucracy and control systems, trusting them with information and giving them time to think, reflect, share, learn and improve.

This programme introduces some of these ideas but also develops them so that delegates can identify some practical new approaches, which they can realistically take back into their own businesses. It covers approaches to help organisations go beyond budgeting and develop and implement the latest ideas in financial management and control.