Ship Chartering Contracts Masterclass

Workshop Overview

Chartering is an activity within the shipping industry. In some cases a chartered may own cargo and employ a shipbroker to find a ship to deliver the cargo for a certain price (freight rate). A chartered may also be a party without a cargo who takes a vessel on charter for a specified period from the owner and then trades the ship to carry cargoes at a profit above the hire rate, or even make a profit in a rising market by re-letting the ship out to other charterers.

Depending on the type of ship and type of charter, normally, a standard contract form called charter party is used to record the exact rate, duration and terms agreed between the ship owner and the charterer. Ship chartering contracts or charter party can be written, or partly written and partly printed, contract between a ship owner and a merchant, by which a ship is let or hired for the conveyance of goods on a specified voyage, or for a defined period.

This intensive 2-day course on Ship Chartering Contracts would allow delegates to learn all about charter parties and the legal aspects of chartering and avoiding pitfalls. A detailed discussion of clauses from selected charter parties including GENCON, COA, BARECON, BALLTIME, VOLCOA, ASBATANKVOY, CONGEN BILL, GENWAY WAYBILL, SHELLVOY 6, and more will be covered.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By the end of this intensive 2 day course, delegates would be able to:-

  • GAIN an insight into the cargo freight, shipbroking and futures markets
  • LEARN the standard charter contracts
  • LEARN how to enter into and read charter parties
  • KNOW the various C/P Bill of Lading right and responsibilities
  • UNDERSTAND the roles and rights of Owner, Charterer, Master and other parties to a charter
  • LEARN the disruptive elements in a charter
  • LERAN how to handle and resolve disputes
  • REVIEW and ANALYSE legal precedents and relevant cases
  • ATTAIN an in-depth knowledge of ship chartering contracts
  • RECOGNIZE the differences between the types of charter parties
  • APPRECIATE the right and obligations of Charterers and Owners
  • MANAGE and MITIGATE the risks involved in chartering of vessels

Who Should Attend?

This training has been specifically designed for:-

  • Ship Owners
  • Ship Charterers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Ship Brokers
  • Shipping Agencies
  • Marine Insurers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Maritime Lawyers
  • Exporters
  • Importers
  • Trade Financiers
  • Commodity Traders
  • Ship Financiers
  • Bank Personnels
  • Enterprise architects

Why you should Attend?

This intensive 2-day course on Ship Chartering Contracts is designed to provide in-depth study on Ship Chartering Contracts. It gives participants valuable key insights into the different aspects of chartering contracts which is the backbone of the shipping industry and helps participants to avoid risks that are inherent in chartering contracts in a timely manner.

Participants will also have the opportunity to learn updates on the recent developments in shipping law and practice affecting chartering contracts including the Baltic and International Maritime Council’s (BIMCO) recent Protective Law.