Business Negotiation Masterclass

Workshop Overview

In the competitive business environment of the twenty-first century, we are all under tremendous pressure to deliver faster, better and quicker results. Negotiation plays a great role in every aspect of business. Whether you deal with high value negotiations as part of your job or you simply want to improve the way you negotiate with colleagues and clients in your daily interactions, this course is designed to help you achieve your specific goals.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:-

  • BECOME a negotiation master.
  • GRASP the new rules of negotiation.
  • ADD 8 proven influencing strategies to your toolkits.
  • DEAL effectively with other party’s influencing tactics.
  • USE more tools to identify scenarios during negotiation.
  • GAIN better understanding on how to build relationships.
  • APPLY more tools to attain a successful outcome when confronted.
  • BECOME more effective in analysing, plan and prepare for every negotiation.
  • TAKE tools and knowledge from the course and apply it in both business and personal lives.

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed for senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help synthesise best practice and effective negotiation. Recommended for all executives, managers and professionals in all roles and levels who are called upon to plan, manage or conduct negotiations of any kind, whether suppliers, customers, regulators, colleagues or employees that  wish to develop their skills to the next level.

Why you should Attend?

This course is designed to give participants a highly practical immersion into the key strategies, techniques and knowledge required to enhance their negotiation skills leading to increased likelihood of successful and lasting outcomes to their negotiations. The course is structured to deliver a practical toolkit for designing planning and undertaking negotiations and practical negotiation exercises give participants the opportunity to hone their own negotiation skills.

  • Improve your effectiveness in negotiations by understanding key negotiation strategies and how to apply them in practice
  • Understand how to make the most of your own natural negotiation style
  • Develop the skills to influence people more effectively and to control the negotiation table
  • Gain the essential tools and knowledge to plan and manage a range of negotiation scenarios
  • Enhance your ability to add value through the negotiation process
  • Understand different behaviours and attitudes to get negotiations back on track to deliver the desired outcomes