Deal With And Manage Your Executive Stress In The Workplace

Workshop Overview

Stress affects millions of people. One of the most common forms of stress is that related to our careers and the workplace. In today's economic difficulty, work related stress is even more pronounced than ever before. Worries about whether or not people will be able to keep their job, their health insurance, and even keep their homes, plays a large role in stress, and the possibility of losing a job can be scary. Another word for stress is tension or anxiety. When someone experiences stress, there are many different symptoms and repercussions. Depending on the level and frequency of stress, some of these symptoms can become serious and cause a myriad of problems. Stress affects people both mentally and physically. The heart rate increases, headaches can develop, and often people become irritated much more easily. Individuals who work in high stress or dangerous jobs as well as those who are employed at a place where there is a high pressure environment are often prone to experiencing stress. Work environment, co-worker relations, and customer pressures can all contribute to stress at work. Understanding how to manage, minimize, and deal with stress can help people feel more relaxed and react when stressful situations as they arise.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:-

  • UNDERSTAND the psychological and other causes of their own and other peoples’ stress.
  • IDENTIFY the symptoms of stressful behaviour at work.
  • RECOGNISE the negative impact and effect that stress can have on executive performance.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE that addressing the causes and coping with the effects of stress effectively is likely to require a range of actions and personal changes.
  • IDENTIFY the most important stress reduction techniques.
  • CREATE their own Stress Reduction Action Plan to help ensure that they can begin implementing what they have learned as soon as they return to work.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will provide delegates with real insight into the causes of stress, theirs and other peoples’, and how to cope better with it by addressing the causes at a deeper level. This will be achieved through a series of highly interactive exercises and techniques.

The workshop is specifically designed for the following target audiences:

  • Business/line leaders
  • Managing Directors and VP’s/AVP’s
  • Directors of HR and Corporate Support
  • Learning/Organisation Development Professionals

Why you should Attend?

The course is based on the most up to date research on work - based stress and how to manage it effectively.

It uses a range of techniques as well as the deep level of professional experience of the tutor in this field in helping senior leaders to recognise and address the causes of their stress. There is a positive balance of theory and practice to enable delegates to implement their learning as soon as they return to work.

The course is highly interactive and encourages delegates to share their experiences and to ‘learn by doing.’ So each session involves practical, individual, pair group exercises and a case study. These are all focussed on firstly getting delegates to create a real picture of the causes of their stress at work. Then identifying what they need to change about themselves and/or their situation in order to cope better and reduce its potentially harmful effects on them.

This will be captured finally in each delegate’s Stress Reduction Action Plan ready to implement at the end of the course.

Finally, each individual’s plan is presented to the whole delegate group to evaluate and offer constructive feedback about. Most plans are usually improved by this feedback.