EPC and EPCIC Contracts Masterclass

Workshop Overview

The workshop will take a critical look at all facets of EPC and EPCIC contracts, including their unique features and use, their structure, typical and “must have” provisions and clauses, how these contracts deal with risks, payment provisions, the extent of the contractor’s responsibility for the design and for remedying defects, “extension of time” and other claims as well as the type and nature of remedies available to the parties on the case of breach or wrongdoing by the other.

Attendees will learn, by examining features and procedures commonly encountered in these types of contracts, how to implement and how to administer EPC and EPCIC contracts. Subject matters such as advance payments, bonds, guarantees and insurance will also be covered as well as typical dispute resolution mechanisms and forums.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

BECOME proficient in preparing, negotiating and procuring a contract suitable for your specific project

MASTER the processes and procedures applicable to the implementation and administration of EPC and EPCIC contract

ASSESS operational, commercial, legal and financial risks in EPCIC contracts

ADDRESS key issues faced during project lifecycle and how to tackle these through enforceable contractual clauses

SECURE a positive outcome to claims for additional time and cost

AVOIDING drafting pitfalls and ambiguous contractual terms

GAIN practical knowledge and tips on how to run EPC and EPCIC contracts

Who Should Attend?

This course is highly recommended for professionals involved with or responsible for the procurement and implementation of EPC and EPCIC contracts.

  • Employers (Operating in retail, infrastructure, transportation, petrochemical or the oil and gas industry)
  • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • Engineers and Project managers
  • Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors and cost engineers
  • Planners
  • Legal advisors and others involved with or responsible for the procurement and implementation of EPC and EPCIC contracts

Why you should Attend?

You will not only gain a solid legal basis and understanding of EPC and EPCIC contracts but will also learn how to apply them in practice. You will learn and gain knowledge of the unique features and provisions, i.e. both the “good” and the “bad”, of typical EPC and EPCIC contracts encountered.

Get to grips with the procedures and issues (such as time-bars) that typically tend to trip you up and become more proficient in your understanding and application of these contracts. Maximize your chances of preparing, quantifying and submitting successful claims.

Gain an understanding of risks and how to minimize and manage them. Learn how to avoid but also how to deal with disputes.