Advance Cathodic Protection For Engineers

Workshop Overview

Cathodic protection is used to prevent or reduce corrosion rates. Corrosion is an electrochemical process resulting from the formation of cathodes and anodes at different positions on the metal surface. Cathodic protection works by connecting the reinforcement to another material that is anodic in relation to it. The reinforcement becomes a cathode and its corrosion is substantially reduced.

Corrosion can be prevented by eliminating the oxygen or the positively charged hydrogen ions. But this cannot be carried out in practice. A better method is to create an excess of electrons in the metal, so that positively charged metal atoms cannot leave the surface of the metal because of the electrostatic forces of attraction.

This workshop will be broken down into two days. It focuses on the fundamentals of corrosion and cathodic protection during the first day. Then, on the second day, it is more to calculations, applications as well as real case studies.

It is intended for engineers, senior engineers, technicians and personnel who require knowledge of cathodic protection. After the workshop, the participants will be getting some papers written by the trainer and also some additional notes besides the notes of the trainings.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of the course, you will be able to:

  • LEARNT the theory behind corrosion mechanisms like why, where and when the corrosion happens
  • DISCOVER how to avoid corrosion
  • UNDERSTAND cathodic protection, its components, uses and designs
  • EXPLORE the calculations and measurements of different CP systems
  • BUILD a computer model of corrosion and cathodic protection
  • DISCUSS AC Mitigation, interference of power lines on underground pipelines
  • GAIN a thorough understanding on marine defense applications
  • BENEFITS from a range of workshop exercises, discussions and real case studies

Who Should Attend?

This course has been specifically designed for:

  • Cathodic Protection Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Corrosion Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Component Engineers
  • Inspectors
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Senior Level Corrosion Technicians
  • Risk Managers
  • Equipment Specialists
  • Metallurgists
  • Stealth (Navy) Engineer

Why you should Attend?

This 2-day course is the most practical and extensive where an engineer shouldn’t missed out.

As a participant for this course, you will not only learn the fundamentals of corrosion but also how dealing with corrosion and using best practices, whichever the field of application, can reduce maintenance, accidents and long term cost in your industry.

Everyone who attends this course will come away in a strong knowledge of cathodic protection and will be able to build a computer model of cathodic protection to best fi t their organization.