Bidding to Win

Workshop Overview

This two days’ workshop will cover the end-to-end processes and tools used by the world’s best bid and tender managers. It will be comprise with theory and case studies.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • LEARN the process and behavioral skills to DEMONSTRATE effective bid leadership
  • UNDERSTAND what best practice bid governance and process design looks like
  • KNOW how to tell an excellent proposal when you see one
  • LEAD bid and contracting teams in a more empowered way
  • LEARN how to bid and negotiate more efficiently, thus reducing your deal closure time
  • IMPROVE your proposal quality
  • INCREASE your win rate

Who Should Attend?

Working winning professionals, practitioners and their managers absolutely need to take part

This training is highly recommended for all people directly involved or leading sales and bidding activities including:

  • Bid, Proposal and Submission Managers
  • Tender Writers
  • Bid Coordinators
  • Capture, Business Development and Sales professionals
  • Estimators and Pricing analysts
  • Sales, Commercial and Marketing Managers
  • Content authors / subject matter experts

Given the highly ‘seller’ oriented workshop content, procurement and commercial professionals may also benefit t from understanding how the ‘other side’ of bidding works. This will allow them to set up competitive tendering projects that will deliver best overall value.

Why you should Attend?

This intensive course will equip you with the skills needed to confidently lead work winning teams and apply global best practice bid process, persuasive writing skills and ‘sealing the deal’ closing techniques to win more often.

Delivered in a series of chronological modules, you will:

  • Study how to translate business development and capture planning activities into your bid ‘compass’
  • Master bid / no bid techniques to ensure work winning resource focus
  • Gain straightforward bid planning tools to claw back time and improve bid quality
  • Learn practical drafting tips and process to overcome writers block
  • Create a never-fail technique for developing customer centric, persuasive bid content
  • Identify the importance of structure in producing clear, concise submissions
  • Harness the ability to make the commercial elements of your offer part of your winning story
  • Absorb bid production insights to streamline those important last bidding steps
  • Understand ‘other side’ procurement and contracts insights to ensure more targeted and responsive submissions
  • Champion deal closing through well planned and executed pitch and negotiation phases
  • Strategize positioning for the next opportunity through successfully implementing and executing work