Sales Compensation Plan Design

Workshop Overview

Sales strategies change because products and services change. As a result, sales plans become obsolete. Sales compensation professionals need to be able to assess the effectiveness of existing plans and then develop the correct formula to ensure that their programs are successful.

Content rich, this course will teach you how to develop sales compensation programs that motivate sales personnel to exceed your company’s objectives! You will learn how to assess current plan effectiveness and select the right pay mechanics. You will also learn how to communicate the new sales program to your sale steam in order to gain their support and generate excitement.

It’s time to employ best of breed in your sales compensation design processes. Bringing together the science and art of sales compensation design, you will ensure that your sales compensation program remains current, contemporary and effective year-after-year.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • UNDERSTAND the fundamentals of sales compensation theory and practice
  • GAIN fluency in sales compensation terminology and technique
  • COMPREHEND how and why sales compensation needs to adapt as the business and markets mature
  • IDENTIFY the key characteristics of different sales roles from a sales compensation perspective
  • DISCOVER the steps needed to properly assess and design a sales compensation plan
  • RECOGNISE options for designing plans on a global basis so that they are aligned with a consistent strategy but accommodate the needs of different countries
  • ACQUIRE the standard sales compensation data analyses used to develop a fact base for decisions
  • OBTAIN a toolkit of sales performance measures and mechanics to deploy in different circumstances
  • LEARN how to adapt your sales compensation plans to overcome situations that can undermine their effectiveness
  • KNOW how to properly document and communicate the plan for clarity and impact
  • DEVELOP a plan governance framework to manage plan administration and design on an ongoing basis
  • OBTAIN answers to specific questions about your particular situation from the instructor and perspectives from your fellow participants

Who Should Attend?

This training is highly recommended for any person that is associated with Sales Compensation, such as:

  • Sales Director
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Operation
  • Sales Support Managers
  • Compensation Manager/Specialists
  • Human Resource Directors

The course is relevant to the following departments:

  • Human Resources
  • Sales Department
  • Finance Department
  • Business Department
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Account Management

Why you should Attend?

This two-day seminar will cover end-to-end sales compensation from design methodology, how to choose the right incentive form for performance measures and developing the  ompensation plan documents. This course will be a two-way communication style where there are practical exercises involved.