Asset Integrity Management Masterclass

Workshop Overview

Asset Integrity is the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst safeguarding life and the environment. The related management activities ensure that the people, systems, processes and resources which deliver integrity, are in place, in use and fi t for purpose over the whole lifecycle of the asset.

The management of physical assets – selection, maintenance, inspection and renewal – plays a key role in determining the operational performance, safety and profitability of your industry. Deterioration processes such as fatigue cracks and corrosion can always be present to some degree. The challenge to management is to ensure that the integrity of engineered systems – for instance, offshore structures, ships, pipelines and process systems – is maintained throughout the anticipated service life.

An Integrity Management System should address the quality at every stage of the asset life cycle, from the design of new facilities to maintenance management to decommissioning. Inspections, auditing/assurance and overall quality processes are just some of the tools designed to make an integrity management system effective. As organizations grow more complex in operation and more global in scope, assets and technical integrity become key success factors.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND the Essential Concepts of Asset Integrity Management
  • LEARN the Elements of Good Asset Management
  • EXPLORE the Opportunities of Improvement in Maintenance and Reliability Management
  • LEARN how to Implement Successful Changes and get a Short Term Return on Investment in Asset Integrity Management
  • DISCOVER the Possible Leads to Substantial Performance Improvements
  • UNDERSTAND the Information Management and Governance in Asset Information Management

Who Should Attend?

The seminar is specifically designed for Managers, Engineers, Inspectors and Technicians in the fields of:

  • Integrity & Inspection
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Process & Operations
  • Health, Safety & Environmental

Why you should Attend?

All industries should be aware that failure to maintain the integrity of their vessels, tanks, pipelines, oil and gas infrastructures and other assets has potential side effects on humans, environment and even on the financial aspect of the industry. The industry owner and operators of process plants should understand the importance of asset integrity in order for them to create and follow an effective Asset Integrity Management (AIM) system.

The importance of effective asset integrity management increases as the industry asset continues to age. When industries maintain the integrity of their assets, they will have smooth operations and few interruptions which means more output and more profits for their operation. In addition, when there is an effective asset integrity management, industries will have safer process plants with less accident; fewer leaks and less damage to the environment and eventually this will lead to enhanced reputation for their organization.

It is very important for industries to focus on Asset Integrity Management. By implementing an effective Asset Integrity Management, industries will significantly reduce serious damage to human lives and to the environment and industries will even have improved business performance. In this workshop, delegates will learn about the asset management in terms of reliability centred management and asset information management. Participants have the opportunity to have group discussions on improvement opportunities in asset management.