Strategic Facilities Management Masterclass

Workshop Overview

The world is changing in such a fast pace that organizations are struggling to keep up. Facilities management (FM) is at the core of this change due to its dynamic and interdisciplinary nature. Unless, facilities and maintenance practitioners equip themselves with up-to-date FM knowledge, their organizations will be left behind as time passes. This will have dire effect on the organization’s productivity, operational costs, energy management among other aspects.

Whether it’s in banking, process plant, education, health care or manufacturing, FM is the silent pillar that contributes to the strategic objectives of a business in the dynamic world we live in. Management of facilities can significantly affect the profitability of a company with success dependant on reducing the overhead cost of being in the business as well as downtime.

This program will cover a range of FM issues, offering insight into recent developments in the profession. It will also discuss everyday problems encountered by companies and offer possible solutions that may be at their disposal. Key to the success of individuals in this field of FM is the ability to deal with people, to manage change and simultaneous operations and to deal with challenges while working under pressure.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • EXTRACT and APPLY FM performance indicators
  • UNDERSTAND the application of new technology to the FM sector
  • INTERPRET and MEET FM requirements within the context of own job role
  • UNDERSTAND how to PROCURE and MANAGE FM contracts applicable to the role
  • UNDERSTAND how to apply best practice techniques in hard FM management
  • DEVELOP a strategy for the effective management of hard and soft FM services
  • UNDERSTAND different FM models to facilitate an improved level of service delivery
  • POSITION FM as an enabler of performance improvement in the organisational context
  • INTERPRET FM requirements relevant to the maintenance and improvement of the built environment

Who Should Attend?

Our aim would be to make the course engaging, interactive with the use of case studies, some video content and workshops/tasks. The programme would be designed so that by the end of the course delegates will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Strata Management
  • Project Management
  • Key aspects of building services
  • Managing Contractors safely and effectively
  • The importance of FM and its value to organisations
  • The impact of physical building characteristics on FM
  • The role of the Facility Manager in managing hard services
  • Types of contract and managing those contracts effectively
  • Basic awareness of the monitoring and evaluation of contracts
  • Detail in Processes, Standard and Strategic Facilities Management

Why you Should Attend?

  • Companies with a Facilities Management programme in place or those thinking about implementing one
  • Any person currently in the field of Facilities Management e.g. building services and estate managers
  • Those who are interested in moving into the field of Facilities Management