Leading and Developing High Performance Teams

Workshop Overview

Businesses increasingly have to adapt themselves to exponential levels of change in the world today. Teams and teamwork are no exception to this since there are a number of factors today that mean that we have to think and behave differently in the way that we form and lead teams.

So for example in many larger, global businesses, teams operate remotely from one another and are changing from individually rewarding to team rewarding. As a result, the role of the team leader is changing as well from ‘doer’ to ‘developer and inspirer’ of people. Also, increasingly, in order to achieve optimum results, we need to take account of the ‘inheritance factor’, making the best of what you’ve got.

So we need to take a fresh look at how teams are formed, led, operate and achieve optimal performance This course will provide you with all the practical techniques and tools that you need to identify, lead and be able to achieve outstanding results with your team.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

As a result of the course delegates will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND the need to change from the current traditional approach towards the formation and development of teams to a more effective approach that is more likely to be successful in 21st century business
  • UNDERSTAND what a high performing team (HPT) is and how it is different from and outperforms ‘normal’ teams based on the latest research findings
  • Be able to IDENTIFY where the key blockages and resistance to HPT’s is likely to come form and how to overcome it
  • UNDERSTAND the ‘six team basics’ and their critical role in in developing the essential discipline that underlies an HPT’s success
  • UNDERSTAND the different type of role that a leader plays in an HPT and how to develop the different styles of leadership that are required.
  • LEARN how to build team performance through the “eight best practices and the ‘ six, continuing tasks.’
  • CREATE an HPT action plan to help ensure that you can transform your team’s performance to become high performing

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will provide you with some real insight into the reasons why some teams become more successful than others.

You will then learn how to transform your team into a high performance team via a series of highly interactive exercises and techniques to achieve this.

The workshop is specifically designed for the following target audiences:

  • Business/line leaders
  • Managing Directors and VP’s/AVP’s
  • Directors of HR and Corporate Support
  • Learning/Organisation Development Professionals

Why you should Attend?

The course is based on the most up to date research on how to build and lead high performance teams. It uses a range of techniques as well as the deep level of professional experience of the tutor in helping senior leaders to develop this key leadership skill. There is a positive balance of theory and practice to enable delegates to implement their learning as soon as they return to work.

The course is highly interactive and encourages delegates to share their experiences and to ‘learn by doing.’ So each session involves practical, individual, pair group exercises and a case study. These are all focused on getting delegates to create a real picture of their teams, how they currently perform and what delegates need to do to change where necessary the team dynamic.

This will be captured finally in each delegate’s HPT Action Plan ready to implement at the end of the course. Finally, each individual’s plan is presented to the whole delegate group to evaluate and offer constructive feedback about. Most plans are usually improved by this feedback.