Cargo Claims Masterclass

Workshop Overview

This highly interactive, intensive and informative workshop offers insurance and non-insurance practitioners (including logistics and transportation professionals) as well as third party claims providers valuable skills tools and resources and practical knowledge in the field of all aspects of marine cargo claims handling, investigation and adjusting.

This powerful workshop – focusing on world insurance markets in general and the Middle East / Asian markets in particular- brings insight and understanding in the field of marine cargo claims – its principle  and practices, the legal and economic framework, standard insuring conditions and exclusions, claims handling, investigation and adjusting, loss prevention and mitigation. We shall review the various international conventions, rules and laws that influence the principles and practices relating to marine cargo claims principles and practices including the UK Marine Insurance Act (as now amended) and its equivalent in various countries as well as the York Antwerp Rules and the most important applications arising from INCO trade terms. We will look at various examples of particular average adjustments. We will also consider the claims handling process with regard to specialized types of cargo such as bulk liquid, break bulk and reefer

Cargo including a review of the various insuring conditions that apply in a given case. We will discuss General Average as well as the important stages involved in a GA claim.

The workshop also offers attendees a solid base of understanding of the roles and accountabilities of transport intermediaries and logistics professionals: freight forwarders, NVOCCs, custom brokers and warehouse operators as well as the principles that govern the insurance of transport intermediaries and transportation companies including an analysis of standard policy terms and conditions.

The course is broken down into eight sessions including 10 interactive case studies

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • GAIN a clear understanding of universally accepted principles and practices in the field of marine cargo claims
  • UNDERSTAND the various stages involved in a cargo claim
  • ASSESS knowledge and understanding of international conventions, standards and foundational statutes as they relate to marine cargo claims including the principle of General Average
  • SECURE an understanding of the documentation required for a cargo claim
  • DISCUSS valuable tools and resources in the investigation, handling and survey stages of a claim
  • ACQUIRE an understanding of marine cargo policy language as well as the various Institute Clauses
  • EXPLORE how Particular Average claims are adjusted
  • DETERMINE how to respond to challenges faced by the cargo claims handler / adjuster

Who Should Attend?

All insurance professionals, underwriters, claims handlers, claims adjusters, insurance agents and brokers, risk managers, surveyors, lawyers, transport intermediaries such as freight forwarders and customs brokers.

Why you should Attend?

You will have 2 days of experiencing the teachings of an internationally acclaimed expert in marine insurance, who has been a practitioner in the field for over 20 years. Due to the quality of the interactive case studies as well as the course materials, you will have access to optimized learning tools and techniques which will facilitate in depth coverage of a very wide spectrum of marine cargo claims topics. The workshop is designed to empower you with superior knowledge of this complex discipline and to enhance the standards of professionalism in your office and in your local industry.