Coaching for Risk Management, Audit, Compliance & Anti Money Laundering Controlling Roles

Workshop Overview

This innovative program aims at realizing and improving the roles of Risk Management, Audit and Compliance & AML/CTF functions within the Corporate Governance parameters in order to achieve cooperation among these functions and improve their process and harmony.

This professional training shows how effective CG system implementation enables the assessment, monitoring and reporting of organizational risks and controls in support of decision making, business performance, and adherence to regulations, policies and other mandates.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • VALIDATE your knowledge of Corporate Governance capabilities, and showcase your expertise in planning, assessing, and improving CG to achieve Principled Performance
  • COMPREHEND the core principles and practices of Corporate Governance
  • UNDERSTAND organizational risk, risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • ACQUIRE the ability to link internal audit planning to organizational risk considerations, international frameworks and Standards to provide an organizational specific risk
  • focused internal audit plan
  • GAIN improved ability to evaluate risk, incorporate risk attributes into the internal audit and compliance programs
  • LEARN how effective Corporate Governance implementation enables the assessment, monitoring and reporting of governance risks in support of decision making, business performance, and adherence to regulations, policies and mandates.
  • GAIN a comprehensive and effective culture of Compliance and ERM
  • LEARN Designing and Implementing an Effective AML and CTF Program
  • ELIMINATE the guesswork out of your decision making; deliver a better bottom line
  • INCREASE your credibility, satisfy your drive to be the best, and become the hero in your organization

Who Should Attend?

Officers involved in the process of Risk Management, Compliance & AML/ CTF, Internal Audit and Governance Departments in all sectors.

Managers in Banks and Financial organizations and private & government entities of all diversified lines of business which are planning to apply proper corporate governance within their culture and operations.

Why you should Attend?

This workshop gives you up-to-date perceptions into the domain of corporate governance, risk management, audit and compliance, especially for those who are looking to become executives in their organizations very soon.

This training course will enable the attendees to comprehend and foster their risk management, compliance and audit skills and knowledge, assimilating the fundamentals of the new risk-based audit & risk-based compliance methodology so that they can carry out their related assignments and report it in a highly professional manner. In addition, this training aims at improving the adaptation and integration of the concept and fundamental components of Corporate Governance in order to augment their professional knowledge about CG principles, committees and requirements.