Welding Technology and Qualification

Workshop Overview

Welding is the most economical and efficient way to join metals permanently. It is the only way of joining two or more pieces of metal to make them act as a single piece. Welding ranks high among industrial processes and involved more sciences and variables than those involved in any other industrial process.

A major process used in fabrication is welding. These processes are used in fabricating all kind of process equipment. Welding has now become a key technology. Obviously, there will be a corresponding growth in welding activities. There is a great demand for qualified and knowledgeable professionals and other related skilled welders in fabrication and construction industries, such that expert welding professionals have become a ‘precious commodity’ all over the world.

Further to that, with respect to quality of welded fabrication, fabrications are also being required to comply with the requirements of ISO: 3834 Part 2 Comprehensive Quality Requirements.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • GAIN a practical knowledge on all welding activities
  • UNDERSTAND quality assurance / quality control requirements (ISO3834)
  • DECIPHER QA/QC requirements in welded fabrication
  • MASTER the principles and application of different NDE methods
  • COMPREHEND the certification process according to ASME IX and / or ISO 15614
  • HANDLE with several codes and standards
  • RECOGNIZE material problems due to welding activities
  • UPGRADE knowledge and skills of Welding

Who Should Attend?

This event has been specifically designed for:

  • Welding Engineers
  • QA/QC Engineers
  • Process Engineers and Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors
  • Maintenance Engineers and Managers
  • Technical Engineers and Managers
  • Reliability Engineers and Managers
  • All interacting personnel involved in the welding department

Why you should Attend?

Organizations today recognize that welding technology is intrinsically linked to the fabrication performance since fabrication costs are one of the largest portion of the overall production cost. This workshop will explore your role as a welding person as well as the latest innovations and strategies of welding technologies. It is a big opportunity to share your experience while gaining a deeper insight on all welding facts.

In this 2-day hands-on interactive workshop, you will work through all aspects of welding. After these two days, you will be exposed to international codes and standards related to welding, which will be essential for improving daily productivity; not to mention personal development.