Maximising Digital Content Revenue

Workshop Overview

Content Monetization involves learning new ways to distribute and market content so that you can reach incremental buyers and leads on platforms that offer a large number of engaged users who are there for one reason: to buy premium digital content.

Established brands or long-standing websites with decent traffic can still convert hard-won site visitors into paying customers using the tactics and technologies of the past. You can do much better by exploiting some of the overlooked content monetization engines out there that bring a lot of value to your audience development efforts. Some of the benefits include:

  • Built-in use base
  • Trusted shopping card
  • High placements in Google
  • Network effect
  • Algorithm that rewards performance
  • Ease of use and ability to edit
  • No cost

Simply Defined, Content Monetization is the practice of actively making money from content that exists on your website, app or anything in between. There are several techniques and strategies to achieve this including affiliate marketing, display advertising, native advertising, and commerce-related content.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Be able to DISCUSS how Data and Adtech choices can be used to improve performance with respect to Google and Facebook
  • DESCRIBE policies for native advertising that can protect brand integrity
  • DESCRIBE the different elements of the Adtech “stack”
  • GIVE Examples of how to monetise either directly or indirectly social media audiences
  • Be able to EXPLAIN why certain monetisation options would be appropriate or inappropriate depending on the media product and audience
  • Be able to IDENTIFY key market and audience trends driving shifts in content businesses
  • Be able to IDENTIFY different metrics and how they can be used to optimise activity for various business goals
  • EXPLAIN different sources of data
  • DISCUSS the different subscription models in use today
  • PROVIDE an example of niche content and understand why audiences would pay for it
  • BUILD a data strategy to maximize revenue
  • USE programmatic advertising, video and pod casting, and other similar techniques
  • GROW audience revenues
  • TARGET specific audiences for special sections
  • DETERMINE the paid content syndication
  • DEVELOP premium content syndication
  • UNDERSTAND the diversification of revenue streams
  • KNOW the remnant and programmatic advertising

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is specifically designed for:

  • Editors
  • Online Editors
  • New Media Editors
  • Newsroom Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • And others who wish to learn the various content monetisation models to make the most of their digital content

Why you Should Attend?

It is now a strong global trend that digital competes closely with print-media. This is injecting a sense of instability and insecurity in the minds of journalists, ad sales as well as media management professionals alike. In a digitally driven world, the need of the hour is to embrace convergence and mitigate risk. This can only be done if media management realizes how important it is to make digital a part of their product offering seamlessly and use it effectively to add value to the end-user as well as the advertiser.

This workshop will help participants to build a data strategy that will maximise their revenue, the imperative of diversifying revenue streams, handling adnetworks, maximising revenue through programmatic advertising, video and pod casting and so on.