Personal Effectiveness And Stakeholder Management Masterclass

Workshop Overview

The course is based on the most up to date research into stakeholder management, personal effectiveness and the influencing techniques of some the world’s most successful leaders.

It uses a range of techniques and psychological models as well as the deep level of professional experience of the tutor tin helping senior leaders to develop this key leadership skill. There is a positive balance of theory and practice to enable delegates to implement their learning as soon as they return to work.

The course is highly interactive and encourages delegates to share their experiences and to ‘learn by doing. ‘So each session involves practical, individual and pair group exercises. These are all focused on getting delegates to create a real picture of their key stakeholders, how they currently relate to them and what delegates need to do to change where necessary these relationships to improve them. This will be captured finally in each delegate’s, Stakeholder Communication Plan ready to implement at the end of the course.

Finally, each individual’s plan is presented to the whole delegate group to evaluate and offer constructive feedback about. Most plans are usually improved by this feedback.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

  • UNDERSTAND that managing your key stakeholders requires you to first become more personally effective
  • RECOGNISE that ’unconscious’ or natural stakeholder management is actually what makes top people successful today and that your level of personal effectiveness is a key building block in managing your stakeholders successfully
  • LEARN how to improve your own level of personal effectiveness by understanding your predictable strengths and weaknesses
  • IDENTIFY and MAP your own previously unidentified stakeholders
  • CREATE your own influence map to identify your own much less obvious stakeholders
  • CREATE your own stakeholder communication plan to implement immediately back at work

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is specifically designed for the following target audiences:

  • Business/line leaders
  • Managing Directors and VP’s/AVP’s
  • Directors of HR and Corporate Support
  • Learning /Organisation Development Professionals

Why You Should Attend?

As a director or senior manager have you ever wondered why some colleagues rise so rapidly in the organization while the majority make, at best, steady progress as far as their career development is concerned? Have you also considered why those same people seem to have the edge when it comes to the allocation of scarce resources, for example the annual budget round?

Yes, well then this workshop will provide you with some real insight into the reasons why these individuals become so successful – it is usually directly related to their ability to identify, manage and influence their key stakeholders effectively.

You will then learn how to do what they are doing via a series of highly interactive exercises and techniques to achieve this. Last but not least, you will create your own Stakeholder and Influence Map to identify your previously unidentified stakeholders along with the much less obvious ones who often have disproportionally large amounts of influence over the key decision makers.