Advance Rolling Forecasts, Budgeting & Planning

Workshop Overview

While increasing economic uncertainty is leading to increased aversion to risk among CFOs, accepting change and uncertainty as a daily norm can help reduce the chance of storms when it comes to an organization’s future. Just like weather forecasting, financial forecasts have become much more accurate with the rise of technology to support real-time date. Unlike weather forecasts though, rolling forecasting for financial professionals can be used to influence the future and bring successful outcomes for organizations. This dynamic financial strategy is the future of budgeting for companies of all sizes if they want to convert strategy into execution.

Often, organizational leaders make the mistake of putting the emphasis on predicting the future rather than changing it. This sets up a mind-set for failure if the predicted outcome doesn’t materialize. It won’t allow them to convert strategy into execution either. But a rolling forecast poses a new framework that rolls with changes taking place now and can help CFOs make better, more relevant, strategy drawn decisions.

This course will help all the staffs involved in finance, budgeting, forecasting and planning with illustrations of principles of rolling forecasts and budgets with examples and case studies from a variety of industries. This training will emphasize the importance of linking your processes and demonstrate how it is implemented in organizations, with valuable insights and advise to drive success.

Major Benefits Of Attending:

By end of this course, you will be able to:

  • MASTER the key steps for moving from traditional budgeting to rolling forecasts for achieving the financial goals of your organizations
  • IDENTIFY and USE business drivers in the rolling forecast
  • ALIGN your rolling forecast to you strategic plan in order to effectively meet your long term
  • DESCRIBE how budgeting related to the planning and controlling functions of departments
  • MASTER the key steps for moving from traditional budgeting to rolling forecasts for achieving the financial goals of your organizations
  • EMPOWER your team with money management
  • APPLY the leading edge techniques to successfully implement, manage and control your rolling forecasts and budgets
  • LINK your organization’s financial reporting systems with your rolling budgets and forecast process
  • CREATE an environment that is continuously adapting to changing business conditions
  • UNDERSTAND the relationship between budgeting, forecasting and strategic planning
  • INTEGRATE your organization’s financial reporting systems with your rolling budget and forecast process

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for all staffs involved in Finance, Budgeting and Forecasting, and Performance Management, includes:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Financial Accountants
  • Finance Managers / Directors
  • Financial Controllers
  • Business Analysts
  • Planning and Analysis Managers
  • Forecasting Managers
  • Budgeting Managers / Officers

Why you Should Attend?

This 2 day course on Rolling Forecast, Budgeting and Planning offers you a greater visibility into the future. A continuous view of the likely business future enables better operational decision making, greater commitment to realistic targets, and improved profit performance.

This course will explain how to combine your annual budget with a continuous forecasting process and still keep control of costs and revenues. It will address practical techniques for forecasting, and show how to improve forecast reliability. With many practical examples drawn from large organizations, it will illustrate how forecast information should be used to improve and agile decision making.