Practical Requirement Elicitation Masterclass

Workshop Overview

A thorough discovery of business requirements is almost never readily available at an analyst’s fingertips— rarely can requirements be quickly looked up as one would gather information for a term paper or study for a test.

In requirements engineering, requirements elicitation is the practice of collecting the requirements of a system from users, customers and other stakeholders. The practice is also sometimes referred to as “requirement gathering”.

The term elicitation is used in books and research to raise the fact that good requirements cannot just be collected from the customer, as would be indicated by the name requirements gathering. Requirements elicitation is non-trivial because you can never be sure you get all requirements from the user and customer by just asking them what the system should do OR NOT do (for Safety and Reliability). Requirements elicitation practices include interviews, questionnaires, user observation, workshops, brainstorming, use cases, role playing and prototyping.

Commonly used elicitation processes are the stakeholder meetings or interviews. For example, an important first meeting could be between software engineers and customers where they discuss their perspective of the requirements.

This Requirement Elicitation course will show delegates how to apply the essential concepts of requirement elicitation and communicate them while managing stakeholder collaboration.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • UNDERTSAND the fundamentals of business analysis
  • SHARE how the Core Concepts fi t together when performing business analysis deliverables
  • GET TO KNOW the concepts of BABOK and PMBOK
  • LEARN the techniques requires for elicitation
  • DRAW OUT, EXPLORE and IDENTIFY information relevant to elicitation
  • KNOW the three types of elicitation
  • KNOW the differences and similarities of requirements and design
  • PREPARE for elicitation
  • INVOLVED in activities conducting elicitation
  • APPLY elicitation in their organization

Who Should Attend?

The seminar is specifically designed for:

  • Requirement Analysts
  • Project Leaders and Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Line Managers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Software Testers
  • Business Architects
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Product managers
  • Developers
  • Business Representatives

Why you should Attend?

Requirement elicitation is a crucial activity in the requirement development process. It discovers the requirements of stakeholders. This means that it is where analyst identifies what the users or owners of the system to build want to see. The success or failure of this process is based on recognizing the relevant stakeholders and detecting and discovering their needs as well as the quality of requirements.

High-level requirements are defined during the concept phase of the project life cycle. These need to be detailed enough to complete a project brief. This, in turn, is used to make an investment decision. The level of detail captured during the concept phase, therefore, needs to be sufficient to justify proceeding to the definition phase.

From this course, delegates will be able to understand the fundamentals of business analysis, share how the core concepts fi t together when performing business analysis deliverables, get to know the concepts of BABOK and PMBOK, learn the techniques requires for elicitation, draw out, explore and identify information relevant to elicitation, know the three types of elicitation, know the differences and similarities of requirements and design, elicit and analyses, prepare for elicitation, involved in activities conducting elicitation, and apply elicitation in their organization.