Marine Engineering For Non-Marine Engineering Professionals

Workshop Overview

This course is designed to introduce and enhance the knowledge of internal combustion engines and the complexities of both 2 and 4 stroke engines, pumps and propulsion systems. The operation, maintenance and repair of these engines and components depends on many factors – including wear down, poor repairs and diagnostic faults, poor maintenance, fuels and lubrication. Results of analysis of casualties and accidents show that in one third of all, that human error is involved, and the same amount of damages is attributed to the poor education and specific training standards.

Factual - Real Case Studies are broken down and exposed in relation to 4 and 2 stroke engine failures with individual case studies each exceeding $150Million USD in the offshore industry. The course is designed for participants with a limited [basic] to intermediate level of knowledge of engine design and operation including; back office personnel, ship spare part suppliers, Deck Cadets and Deck Officers entering the maritime industry, and certificated Deck Officers new to the sector. The trainer uses factual case studies and exercises along the way to cement participants’ newly acquired skills and help them apply them to real situations.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • MASTER the necessary Knowledge and Complexities of:- 4 and 2 Stroke Marine Engines
  • DETERMINE Failures and Diagnose Faults
  • Successfully OPERATE and MANAGE Engines in a Marine Environment
  • EQUIP and LEAD Individuals and Response Teams with Techniques, Procedures and Resources to Manage Technical Main Engine and Aux Services and Repair in a Maritime Environment
  • EDUCATE your Team in Pumps, Failures and Maintenance Best Practices
  • UNDERSTAND Diesel Fuel and Petrol Driven Mechanical Operations and Mechanics
  • UNDERSTAND the Correct Use of Lubrication and Oils, Purification
  • KNOW the Mechanical and Wear Down of 4 and 2 Stroke Engines and Analysis
  • UNDERSTAND Piston and Bearing - Lacquering and Wearing of 2 and 4 Stroke Engine Components
  • KNOW Fuel and Oil Line Head Pressure
  • KNOW OEM, Turbo Servicing and Failures
  • KNOW Exhaust, Inlet and Values in 4 and 2 Stroke General Arrangements
  • KNOW Engine Checklists and Vulnerabilities

Who Should Attend?

This course will benefit Directors, Managers, Superintendents, Operators, and Engineers for:

  • Technical
  • Machinery
  • Marine Engineering Surveyors
  • Fleet
  • Salvage and Installation manager
  • Offshore project manager
  • Maritime Safety
  • Underwriters
  • Maritime Law Specialists
  • Professional Marine Investigators
  • OSV Operator and Anchor Handlers
  • Ship Superintendents
  • Safety Professionals

Why you should Attend?

This course covers the aspects from both basic and intermediate levels of experience. This course provides technical instructions regarding mechanical wear down, piston and bearing failures, exhaust and valves, engine checklists, engine vulnerabilities and the internal mechanics of combustion engines and its components in a marine environment. Delegates are also trained in the technical operation, construction, configuration and operation of propulsion systems, stern tubes and shafting arrangements.