Proven Winning Strategies To Grow Your Business

Workshop Overview

Business Growth Strategies offers a rigorous framework for creating sustainable growth in purpose and values driven businesses. World-class thinking, insights and tools help clients navigate the complexity of growth in a demand-driven world.

It helps business owners with smarts and heart, yearning to build something, starts with the setup of a sound, achievable strategic plan. This is supported by a rhythm of strategic thinking and execution planning that involves the whole team.

The strategic business growth workshop assists clients in identifying the steps needed to reach both short and long term business goals. The strategic workshop can be focused for strategic business growth and is often used for new product development. Emphasis is placed on understanding the company’s strategic vision to build a relevant and profitable plan.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • IDENTIFY the key components that comprise an effective growth strategy
  • COMPREHEND the importance and value of administering a current state analysis consisting of internal organizational competencies and external market opportunities
  • LEARN how to craft a Strategic Growth Vision that will guide future business expansion pursuits
  • ACCUMULATE business growth through common methodologies - new products, services, customer segments, and geographies – and learn when each makes most sense
  • UNDERSTAND the pros and cons of generating business growth through strategic partnerships

Who Should Attend?

Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents, Heads, Senior Managers, Managers, Analysts,

Controllers and Executives of:

Business Development

Business Growth

Business Planner



Strategic Planning

Brand & Product Management


Why you should Attend?

By attending this two-day workshop you will learn how to craft a high potential business growth strategy that capitalizes on marketplace opportunities while leveraging your organization’s unique competencies and competitive advantage. You will understand and appreciate the

internally driven “organic” growth strategies (as opposed to acquisitive), including identifying new product or service opportunities, new customer segments, new distribution channels and new geographies. The workshop helps you focus on strategy development, organizational considerations such as implementation planning, employee engagement, and next-level marketing and business development.

You will discover how to identify or create your special market niche, how to initially contact a prospective client, gather the necessary data, reach agreement with the client (even before a proposal is offered), and even how to dominate and own the sector specific to your area of expertise in the marketplace.