Construction Project Cost Control Masterclass

Workshop Overview

In the history of constructions, the importance goes on getting completely practical projects finished in time shadowed by quality, choices and cost. To be able to accommodate all these with the financial plan, to the correct models is a procedure where the process is overseen through the best strategies and methods.

The business motivation behind the cost building capacity is to give early evaluations so that constructive decisions are made. A smartly organized cost control works as a basic procedure that is used to enhance the performance of a specific project.

Attendees of this workshop will gain a strong appreciation of the value of project cost control, a broad understanding of the elements of cost control and will be shown how these principles are applied in practice on construction projects. This dynamic course is a combination of instructional techniques including presentations by an experienced practitioner, activities, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the usage of new models.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • ESTABLISH the performance measurement baseline
  • LEARN the advancement of technology for project controls
  • ABSORB new methodologies used in preparing cost estimation
  • CAPTIVATE the rules of performance and methods of measurement
  • MASTER the advanced concepts of construction project cost control
  • UNDERSTAND how to apply cost control processes to construction projects
  • KNOW earned value management and its use for controlling construction project costs
  • IDENTIFY techniques for categorizing risk, assessing risk occurrence and impact, and analyzing risk

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for experts involved in substantial industry equipping all of them with the skills to better evaluate the programs and communicate in a common language.

Therefore, the course useful for:

  • Project Engineers
  • Technical Directors
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Construction Managers
  • Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Equipment/material suppliers
  • Cost & Project Controller Specialist
  • Procurement & Contract Manager

Why you should Attend?

This workshop will provide attendees with a deep appreciation of the benefit of cost control and will provide a number of valuable tips and practical suggestions that can be applied in practice to generate benefits. This will be benefiting attendees to pick up an advanced approach of cost management in construction projects.

The 2 day workshop in Construction Project Cost Control is designed for attendees to experience a world class insight of key aspects of budget estimation and project cost control procedures from the scratch. This course is aiming those who are seeking to add significant value through the effective planning of the cost control.