Strategic Procurement Masterclass

Workshop Overview

This is a practical workshop about how to implement a more strategic approach to procurement immediately, at your desk. You will learn how procurement efforts support marketing, customer service, and company success while taking away relevant case studies and practical perspectives to add value to your procurement outlook.

This two-day training course will give you the knowledge & understanding, the techniques and the confidence to address this increasingly vital area of expense strategically – to minimize the time, money and effort used supporting both your core and non-core business.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • ACQUIRE a thorough grasp of the entire process of strategic procurement
  • LEARN to commence a spend analysis & professional procurement process
  • OBTAIN the confidence to manage suppliers through a procurement process
  • ADOPT a variety of professional procurement tools and techniques
  • UNDERSTAND the context within which procurement has to deliver and meet stakeholder needs
  • MASTER the growing link between good supply side management & marketing for competitive advantage
  • TAILOR procurement processes to your company’s unique outlook

Who Should Attend?

Procurement professionals including:

  • Procurement managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Business unit managers
  • Sourcing managers,
  • Category managers
  • Vendor managers
  • Contract managers

Finance professionals eager to reduce costs:

  • CFOs
  • Finance executives
  • Financial controllers
  • P2P managers
  • Business analysts, auditors and internal business
  • Business leaders wanting to manage supply:
  • CEO/managing directors
  • General managers
  • Shared services managers
  • Corporate services managers

Business development teams including:

  • Business development managers
  • Account managers
  • Sales managers

Why you should Attend?

Is your approach to procurement genuinely strategic, or merely tactical? How do you know, truly?

Most organizations spend around 40–70% of their income on goods and services sourced from third parties, to fuel their business. How these monies are deployed back in to the marketplace from your organization is a strategic choice. And if you can purchase these essential tools of business cheaper than your competitors, it is your organization that will gain a competitive advantage from the outset on this basis alone. Yet there are six main sources of competitive advantage – and four can be directly driven from the supply side.

This training workshop will give you the knowledge and understanding, the techniques and the confidence to address your expenditure strategically – to minimize the time, money and effort used supporting both

your core and non-core business. It will offer you a vision of strategic procurement which can be taken and applied to your own organization immediately across both DIRECT and INDIRECT expenditures. The workshop relies on a wealth of brief case studies and examples of strategic procurement to help relate the theory of good strategic procurement to its best practice.