Conquering The Return On Investment In Marketing

Workshop Overview

In recent years, data-based marketing has swept through the business world. In its wake, Measureable marketing performance and return on marketing investments have become the keys to marketing success. Today numerical fluency is a critical skill for every marketer. Marketers need to understand important metrics and how to construct and use ROMI (Return on Marketing Investments) in strategic decision making.

Boards don’t need chief marketing officers who have creative air but no financial discipline. They need ambidextrous marketers who offer both. This applied and intensive training program is designed to provide insights to the rationale for marketing ROI and introduces some key principles, formulas, tools and techniques attached to it.

Contemporary Learning Techniques

  • Hands-on review of the participant’s existing documents through group and individual exercises
  • With the aid of a detailed workbook, participants will critique samples, explore checklists, discuss scenarios, and practice writing sections of policies and procedures
  • Use of relevant ice-breaker, topic build-ups, energizers and learning sponges
  • Hands on learning through experiential learning gadgets and simulation based activities
  • Multi-sensory presentation techniques to increase retention and consolidate learning

 Post Training Support

  • The participants would be provided 30-days support period for practically applying the learning acquired in the course

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • DEVELOP a measurement-based approach to allocating resources across your marketing portfolio
  • DETERMINE the essential marketing metrics of your organization to create a marketing dashboard for ROI
  • UNDERSTAND how marketing ROI is calculated
  • INTERNALIZE how marketing campaign metrics are tied to goals, KPIs and objectives
  • ESTABLISH scheduled checkpoints for continuous improvement
  • INCLUDE ROI in their own marketing campaign brief
  • MEASURE the effectiveness and return on investment of digital/social media marketing initiatives
  • INVESTIGATE the impact of big data on marketing ROI

Who Should Attend?

This course is to bridge the gap between marketers and financial officers, equipping all of them with the skills to better evaluate marketing programs and communicate in a common language. Therefore, the course useful for:

  • Marketers
  • Financial Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Research Analysts
  • Database marketing professionals
  • Marketing directors
  • Product or brand managers
  • Data processing managers
  • Database managers

Why you should Attend?

Managing ROI will help us maintain a strategic distance from purchases that might be affected by unjustifiable optimism. As business visionaries, we have a tendency to be exceptionally constructive, confident individuals. Proper management of ROI can help us settle on choices that are more grounded for our organizations, so we are not buying each “bright and sparkling” question that tags along and guarantees to improve our lives and organizations. Utilizing ROI can plainly make your business more gainful in a shorter measure of time. Have a go at adding ROI to your business tool compartment, and watch your organization grow.