PR & Marketing Communication Masterclass

Workshop Overview

Marketing communication is a fundamental and complex part of a company’s marketing efforts. No matter

what you call it, Integrated Marketing Communications, Hybrid Theory or Marcomm, is an informed, transparent and forward-looking combination of marketing and communications. As mentioned by the Founder of Elite Communicators Group, the rapid invention and adoption of new technologies continues to evolve in ways its founders could have never imagined. Therefore, the strategic roles of various communication disciplines are also racing to keep stride with our business needs.

Delegates will not only learn how to better use some of the well-established existing tools but also gain a deeper understanding on the contemporary popular tools. All of the tools, tips and tricks presented will help delegates assist their organization in reviewing their marketing and communication decisions to further understand the effective medium to connect with targeted customers for better profitable growth.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • JOIN-THE-DOTS of the new media landscape
  • BETTER MANAGE marketing communication tools
  • GROW your knowledge on marketing communications
  • DISCOVER how marketing communications has evolved
  • EXAMINE what forward-thinking savvy companies are doing today
  • EXPLORE how businesses grow their profile and influence in the marketplace
  • UPGRADE own marketing and communication medium for current and future projects
  • LEARN how to communicate effectively and increase influence with the ‘outside world’
  • FORMULATE current or potential problems potential marketing communication problems
  • PROVIDE meaningful and insightful contributions on marketing and communication matters
  • UNDERSTAND how progressive business use new trends

Who Should Attend

This PR & Marketing Masterclass is aimed at all types of organizations such as large corporations, government agencies, small businesses and non-profit t entities. This masterclass intend to benefit t CEOs, VPs, Directors, GMs, HODs, Senior Managers and Managers who wish to review and update their marketing platforms strategically from:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Business development

Why you should Attend?

New and challenging times require companies and organizations to think differently about the way they Communicate with the ‘outside world’. In this intensive two-day masterclass we ‘join the dots’ of the new

Media landscape and examine what forward-thinking savvy companies are doing today to build their brand and their business in today’s noisy social age.

Learn how progressive businesses and non profi ts are strategically using social technologies and online

Publishing platforms to connect and communicate more effectively with their target audience, and in doing

So, grow their profile and influence in the marketplace. This masterclass includes and also feature:

  • Case studies and up-to-the-minute examples from large, medium and small brands (including personal brand-based businesses) that bring to life the strategies and tactics that will be discussed and dissected over the two days.
  • Additional exclusive fast-track tips from leading experts on topics such as SEO, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.