Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Handling

Workshop Overview

Management that enable the participants not only to measure customer satisfaction but also to increase their awareness and knowledge of the Customer Satisfaction Survey in terms of methodology as well as management concept.

Participants will also learn how to develop appropriate plans and methodology to integrate the survey in their business activities. This course addresses the importance of managing Customer Satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations by analysing the Voice of Customers.

They will gain a complete and systematic learning of every aspect of a satisfaction survey step by step and all the major KPIs from designing to presenting the survey to a Management Team. The methodology learned during the workshop may be implemented successfully in any company or industry and it has an over $20,000 estimated value in the market.

It would set the basis and fundamentals for any continuous improvement process meant to impact and improve the customer experience.

The second day, the workshop will cover the importance of how well companies manage inquiries/complains they receive every day from their customers and how much it can impact their global perception or satisfaction over the company, product and service.

Each session is based on trainer input, application of content to delegates’ organizations and group based discussion. Relevant case material is explored and evaluated where appropriate. This provides delegates with new and novel insights based on other organizations’ experiences.

Key benefits of attending this workshop.

  • UNDERSTAND how you can design surveys to find out how well your products meet customers’ needs or how satisfied they are with different aspects of the service you offer
  • ASK your customers for their views on your company’s products and performance indicates that you’re prepared to listen to customers and take account of their views
  • DISCOVER by sharing the results of a customer satisfaction survey with your employees, you can build an understanding of company operations from the customers’ perspective
  • REDUCE the risk of your customers defecting to competitors. Customer satisfaction levels have an impact on your ability to retain customers
  • DETERMINE your company’s strengths and weaknesses from your customers’ perspective by analyzing the responses from a customer satisfaction survey. Focus on areas of your business that achieve very low satisfaction scores and prioritize improvement programs so that you can remedy any serious problems in those areas
  • APPLY customer insights to gain a better understanding of your customers’ requirements and concerns so that you improve your products and your standards of service in line with customers’ needs
  • REALIZE that a single satisfaction survey gives you a snapshot of customers’ views at a given point of time. By conducting a number of surveys over a period of time, you can measure (KPIs) the results

Who Should Attend

This workshop will prove particularly worthwhile for CEOs, VPs, Directors, Head of Departments, Managers and other professionals responsible for:

  • Customer Service / Relations
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Corporate Service / Relations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Complaints Handling and Resolution
  • Branding
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Business Process and Operations
  • Product Management and Development

Why you should Attend?

Keeping customers loyal and reducing the risk of customers defecting to competitors are essentials to long-term success of your business.

Attending the workshop you will learn different and great tools to drive communication between you and your customers that would eventually lead the company to improve the way they service customers, the global level of satisfaction and how to launch/market products to better exceed customer expectations.

It is a great opportunity to stand out and contribute to your company success.

The higher the level of satisfaction you can achieve, the more likely you are to retain you customer and convert them into new promoters.

DO NOT MISS the opportunity to learn more and master:

  • How valuable FEEDBACK can help your company
  • How LISTENING to your customers from different channels can immediately give you quick-win opportunities to improve their experience
  • The benefit from UNDERSTANDING a company’s operations from the customers´ perspective
  • How to PRIORITIZE and FOCUS on areas of your business that matters most to customers
  • How RETENTION is close related to levels of customer satisfaction and how small changes on customer pain points could positively impact revenues
  • Best Practices and setting PROGRESS Monitoring Goals for improving company performance