Effective Root Cause Analysis

Workshop Overview

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an analytic process designed to help identify the underlying factors that have contributed to or have directly caused a major adverse event or systems failure. The results of a RCA are typically utilized to guide and direct changes to processes, the environment, and human behaviour in order to prevent or reduce the probability that the adverse event will occur in the future.

The workshop will be an interactive and knowledge packed team building session which is disciplined and constructive. The objective of the workshop is to provide knowledge of the methodology and the financial impact on your organisation’s processes starting from problem identification, information gathering using data analysis, interview techniques, investigations, ROI’s and improvements and the final evaluation. The course is broken down into FIVE phases including manuals, hands-out, examples, and a Q/A session.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • UNDERSTAND, construct, map, implement and monitor the “Root Cause Analysis methodology”
  • UNDERSTAND and practically deploy the right techniques associated with Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • IDENTIFY where and when RCA can be used effectively and efficiently for best results
  • BUILD and engage the RCA team to provide true evidence, tangible solutions to what appears to be chronicle business issues
  • TRAIN others in the RCA methodology and associate accountability
  • PROVIDE the opportunity for financial saving and ROI
  • TRANSFER knowledge and expertise to new joined staff
  • COMPLY to the organisation’s standards and processes

Who Should Attend

Executive managers; senior managers; section managers; superintendent; engineers; technicians; OEM; contractors; suppliers of:

  • Operations
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Procurement & logistic
  • Research & development
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure & building & commissioning; decommissioning

Across the heavy industry

Why you should Attend?

This is a fast paced, highly interactive and activity packed workshop that will open your eyes to the latest effective root cause analysis methodologies.

Furthermore, you will learn to build mind-set and productive workplace relationships, settle more confidently into your own ‘comfort zone’ as a manager, leader and champion of change not to mention gain control of events around you and shape them to meet the right objectives.

You will know how to respond to and manage resistance, fear, conflict and stress during errors and problems, harnessing the power of investigations and data analysis and using it to drive higher and greater performance of the overall organization.

You will be able to come up with your own version of a systematic approach for your continuous learning and improvement about the subject and undergo important self-discovery, situational understanding and some important perception shifts that will help you think differently about the way people interact, learn and grow together.

Finally, you will increase business profitability, credibility and efficiency by attending this event.