Advanced Principles of Ship Critical Maintenance, Ship Reliability, Ship Construction and Marine Engineering

Workshop Overview

Energy companies are confronting environmental and technological challenges never seen before. Companies are investing billions of dollars in capital to develop subsea-producing fields including the design and construction of offshore production platforms capable of processing and delivering 50,000 to 250,000 barrels of oil per day to pipelines reaching onshore refineries.

Not only do the energy companies face the challenges of a new operating frontier with billions of dollars in capital investment but energy companies also face the challenges of complying with federal safety/environmental regulations. Operating billion dollar investments, it necessitates utilization of new technology, improvement of asset reliability and reducing operating expenses to ensure shareholder returns are met.

This two day course on Critical Maintenance Ship Reliability Ship Construction and Engineering is highly beneficial that shall not be missed.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • IDENTIFY cost effective maintenance strategies based on a detailed understanding of an asset’s functional requirements, performance standards and conditions of use
  • ENSURE that the required levels of safety and in service availability are achieved at minimal cost
  • HAVE the skill base and project experience in applying maintenance of ships
  • UNDERSTAND the derivation of functional definitions and performance standards
  • MASTER the analysis of source data to identify trends and failure characteristics

Who Should Attend

This course is specially designed for persons who are responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair of critical equipment and systems, as well as the calibration and adjustment of alarms and other parameters of the equipment including:

  • Marine Engineers
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Failure Analysis Associates
  • Maritime Administrators
  • Suppliers
  • Ship Owners, Charterers, Operators and Managers
  • Traders and Distributors
  • Shipyards and Ship Designers
  • Marine Fuel Service and Surveyors
  • Technology and Equipment Vendors
  • Ship and Gas Equipment and Service Providers

Why you should Attend?

By attending this workshop, delegates would be able to learn how to pursue with their daily jobs with reduced risk with designs that lower the probability and consequence of failure, maximize the reliability of critical components required to sustain the primary functions for a process, shorter maintenance outages, safer, more reliable operations, better quality control, more stable operation with the ability to respond to transient process upsets, lower operating expense, emphasis on condition-based maintenance practices and more.

With case studies, activities and group discussions taking place, delegates would be able to understand the whole concept easily and would be prepared and be able to handle any form of shortcomings.