Project Delay Management & Claim Assessment

Workshop Overview

Delay and disruption claims are both commonplace on construction projects. As projects become increasingly large and complex, we see clients passing on as much risk as possible to the head contractor; risks that a contractor may find difficult to manage and/or costly in terms of time and money should they eventuate. It is hardly surprising that when critical path activities are delayed or disrupted as a result of labour, scheduling, site and/or construction issues, disputes arise over who (client or contractor) should bear the additional costs incurred as a result.

They can be caused by external factors, identified risk events or by the actions or inactions of the project team and project supply chain. Regardless of the source of delay, it is of everyone’s interest to effectively manage the consequences of the delay and then apportion liability quickly and fairly. Inflated claims, the blame-game and other destructive tactics played out years after the project was eventually finished rarely benefit anyone other than the claims experts and lawyers involved in the dispute.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • IDENTIFY early warning indicators of delays and claims
  • ASSESS and quantify the extent of delays and disruptions to apportion liability fairly
  • LEARN the benefits and limitations of Forensic Schedule and Delay Analysis techniques
  • EQUIP yourself with new approaches to managing delays and claims
  • APPLY workable recovery plans, acceleration and extension of time to avoid major time overruns
  • REGAIN control of slipping schedules and poor performing project

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for MDs, VPs, Directors, GMs, Heads, Senior Managers, Managers, Consultants, SME contractors, Systems Analysts, Commercial Managers, Controllers and Engineers responsible for:

  • Project / Project Management
  • Project Control
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Contract / Legal
  • Budget & Cost Control
  • PMO
  • Project Development
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Claims

As well as anyone involved in day-to-day project management and who might be perplexed by the complexity of dealing with delays and disruption.

Why you should Attend?

This 2 days workshop has been specifically designed to equip its participants with a holistic overview of the key components critical to the various stages of project construction. This event will feature current strategies, tools and techniques to counter some of the specific project management challenges pertaining to operational efficiency, methods to maximise the use of resources, delay analysis, risk and claims assessment.