Loss control in Maritime Transportation of Petroleum Cargo

Mitigate the loss!!

Workshop Overview

The workshop is a team building session. Disciplined & constructive with knowledge & experience sharing. It supports outlining the course step by step, encouraging the team to be creative and building the case study.

The objective of the workshop is to exchange vital knowledge & experience through joint exercises such that can be applied in office when executing operational tasks.

The trainer shall explain from his experience how situations may be experienced during one’s professional career, and how they could be mitigated, through small case studies.

Key benefits of attending this workshop

  • WIDEN understanding of OCIMF, SIRE, MTIS, OVID & MSA
  • GAIN latest strategies of office vetting by Oil Majors
  • STUDY SIRE inspections thoroughly
  • UNDERSTANDING Terminal vetting and best practices
  • IDENTIFY the post incident dilemma
  • STUDY our changing relationship with the industry
  • UNDERSTANDING the customer viewpoint and concerns
  • IMPROVING fleet performance for overall success

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is especially designed for management & executive level staff working in shipping companies, tanker operators ship-owners and Charterers of oil tankers, including:

  • Marine Superintendents
  • Marine Inspectors
  • Marine Operations Managers
  • Marine Surveyors
  • Vetting Managers
  • Fleet Managers
  • Ship Masters
  • Ship Officers
  • Port & Terminal Officers

Why you Should Attend?

This workshop is aimed to help one understand certain limitations that exist within the industry, pertaining to loss of petroleum cargoes during transportation & the factors affecting such a loss & measures that can be taken in order to control & minimise such losses.

Participants will be taken through detailed aspects that affect losses during oil transportation, through presentations, case studies & workshop initiatives.

Furthermore, you will learn to build mind-set and productive workplace relationships, settle more confidently into your own ‘comfort zone’ as a manager, leader and champion of change not to mention gain control of events around you and shape them to meet the right objectives.

Finally, you will increase business profitability, credibility and efficiency by attending this event.